2nd Thessalonink: International Tattoo Convention

4 – 6 9 2015 Thessaloniki

Waterhouse C, port of Thessaloniki

The 2nd Thessaloniki ThessalonInk Tattoo Convention is coming this fall, making it’s mark on the world map of tattoo arts.

Tattoo festivals traditionally create opportunities for local and international artists and communities to unite and share the experience. Such an event is created in Thessaloniki, Greece for the second time, providing a way for people of all ages and styles that are interested in the art of tattooing to partake in the emmersive experience, adding the city of Thessaloniki to the global map of professional tattoo festivals and events. The main goal of the creators of ThessalonInk is for the festival to become a meeting place, not only for the people that are already a part of the tattoo community, but for everyone that is interested in finding out about the amazing artistry and skill of local and international tattoo artists, but also finding out about all the amazing performers and artists that are close to the tattooing art, such as graffiti and music artists.

An event for people of all ages, young and old

Hosted in the beautiful port of Thessaloniki, ThessalonInk will allow it’s visitors to meet with world class International and National tattoo artists and experience their talent firsthand, creating an experience that will last until the next ThessalonInk event. Every interested person, whether young or old, will become one during the festival through concerts, graffiti shows and a number of parallel acts and subjects relating to tattooing.

ThessalonInk event creators aim for the festival to become the defacto festival in Thessaloniki for everybody that partakes in the tattooing culture. The goals and aspirations do not stop at that though. One of the basic targets of the festival is create a communication channel with all interested parties that will last until the next event, making the interactivity aspect of the festival one of it’s most important features. Information and other materials will be made available through all major social media outlets constantly, in order to keep the information flowing between the festival’s organizing team and everyone who is interested in participating.