Specifications – Regulations

As per our policy and in conjunction with the Greek legislation all of our fleet is fully complying with all the legal requirements, for vehicle age, seat size, safety equipment, communication receivers, taxi-meters, notices, signs, lights, air conditioning, and registration details and are authority certified card holders.

ALL of our fleet is equipped with:

  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Free Tablet for use
  • Baby boosters 0 – 4 years old

And most of our vehicles additionally offer:

  • TV – Video – video games
  • Baby boosters 4 – 8 years old


Rules, Procedures and Regulations.

  • Vehicle/driver is in position 15 minutes prior to the scheduled appointment time at the agreed meeting point.
  • Staff/driver holds a discreet sign with the customer’s name, the hotel or the agency’s name.
  • Once staff/driver meets the clients helps with the transportation of their luggage and leads them to the vehicle.
  • Our vehicles are always internally and externally clean and in excellent condition (except forced measures, ex. bad weather conditions)
  • Our vehicles have always available mineral water and other refreshments for the clients.
  • Our vehicles have available a selection of magazines for adults and children for their amusement.
  • Smoking is not allowed to the staff/driver while clients are on board.
  • The level of the surrounding music is low, unless client instructs different.
  • Staff/driver is always discreet and does not speak unnecessarily to mobile phones, or other intercom device.
  • Our drivers always observe and follow the Highway Code.
  • The driver can handle any special service upon request.


  • Client has to inform at least 24 hours in advance about luggage changes or add-ons like baby seats etc.